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From Google Search Ads to tech consulting, I offer a variety of
cloud-based resources to help your organization thrive.

Google Advertising
& Consulting

Nonprofits & Religious Institutions

For-Profit Businesses
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If you're a nonprofit, I help you apply for a Google Nonprofit Grant to secure a monthly grant of up to $10,000 per month in Google Search Ads credit. Then, I help manage that grant ongoing. I'll write effective ads for you on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your subscription level. And I'll monitor them, report the results to you, and work with you to adjust the ads so we get the results you want.

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If you're a business, unfortunately Google doesn't offer grant funding for you. But, I can still manage and write Google Search Ad material for you and reach the goals you have in mind. If you'd prefer, I can provide training to help your organization manage its own Google Search Ads.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We're not talking about puffy clouds here. No, this is the network of data storage that's invisibly hovering above us. You know, up "in the cloud."


I've helped organizations transfer their data from local servers to cloud-based servers, saving them boatloads of money. Not only that, but it improves collaboration, access to data, and makes it easier for your team to work remotely.


I can do this for your organization, too. No more expensive server fees or maintenance, and no more upgrading your server. Choose the cloud solution.

Technology Consulting
& Training

I like to stay up-to-date on organizational and business tech resources. From Google Workspace to Calendly, I provide consultation and guidance to help you get the best tools for your organization to thrive. I provide group or individual virtual training on several different tech resources to get your team up to speed.

Areas of Expertise
  • Financial tools (accounts receivable, accounts payable, people management, etc.)

  • Marketing tools (social media, Google Search Ads, etc.)

  • Non-profit tech resources and grants (Google Nonprofit Grants and other tech grants like Microsoft or Adobe, etc.)

  • Collaboration and productivity (Google Workspace, Calendly, etc.)

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