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Let the results speak for themselves. What impact could results like these make on your organization?

Client 01:


Non-Profit Organization

  • Google Nonprofit Grant 

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Analytics

After utilizing Google Search Ads and Google Analytics for only one month, we saw that 33.9% of their website traffic came from Google Search Ads. For this non-profit, Google Search Ads increased their web traffic. Even more, the increase led to a greater awareness of their fundraising initiatives listed on their website.

Client 02:

Large Multi-Site Church in Urban Areas

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Nonprofit Grant

In the first quarter after launching Google Search Ads, this church held weekly newcomer meetings. They surveyed new families to see how they heard about the church (which consequently led to them visiting the church). Ninety percent of the newcomers found out about the church via Google.


This speaks to: (1) the power of Google Ads when advertising your organization and; (2) how the Google Nonprofit Grant helps improve your organization's visibility.

Client 03:

Medium-Sized Church in Rural Community

  • Google Nonprofit Grant 

  • Google Search Ads

Located in a rural community of 10,000, we've ran Google Search Ads consistently for over a year. On average, we are seeing an average of 647 clicks on their website and 14,542 impressions on the Google Search Ads.

Client 04:

Non-Profit Organization Based Throughout the US

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Nonprofit Grant

This nonprofit offers subscription-based memberships, which directly fund and resource the organization. After running Google Search Ads consistently for over a year, their subscription memberships have doubled. This means their revenue and overall impact have doubled as well.

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