Why Google Workspace?

Benefits of Google Workspace:

  • Google Workspace is an excellent tool for any organization that wishes to communicate, share files, share calendars, and customize their emails by having their domain on the URL vs. a personal account.

  • You get to utilize all of the Google Workspace Apps across your organization to support collaboration with staff and volunteers both onsite and at a distance.

    • Apps like Google Chat or Google Meet make communicating more straightforward. In contrast, apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive make collaboration easier so you can edit in real-time documents and share files seamlessly. 

  • You get to continue to utilize the familiarity of Google apps, like Gmail and Google Calendar, while having the customization of your organization with your website URL, logos and making it look entirely like your own versus the standard personal google account.

  • You can increase ease of communication with your staff and volunteers utilizing tools like Google Meet and Google Chat that make communicating across an organization easy and productive.
    • Google chat is a quick and easy instant messaging system built-in to the google platform and accessible through Gmail or its app. You can create groups with your teams or just individual conversations, and if you need to jump into a phone call, with just the click of a button, you can add a video chat, an attachment, or a file from Google Drive.​​

    • Google Meet is a competitor with Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, and it comes free with Google Workspace. You can easily use this with your team, for one on one conversations, or with people outside your organization by merely sharing a link with them. 

    • If you used Google Meet in the past, know that they did a massive upgrade to this platform in Spring 2020 Google. I used to think it didn't seem like a very professional platform, but it is now on par with the best video communication platforms on the market with their updates.​​

  • Allows collaboration amongst teams 

    • With Docs, Sheets, and Slides, documents can be edited in real-time.

    • Easily store and share files on the cloud via Google Drive and make them easy to access anywhere.

    • Built-in video/phone conferencing software, which makes it easy 

    • Allows access to files, documents, and emails from any smart device or computer

    • Keep organized calendars that are easily shared to delegated with team members.

    • Workspace works across many devices, including Apple, Android, or Microsoft devices. I utilize these tools on Apple products and have never had an issue with the integration.

  • Cost-saving Opportunities:

    • Apps you can get rid of when you have Google Workspace:

      • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can replace Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint.

      • Google Chat and Meet can replace Zoom or GoTo Meeting.

      • Drive can replace Dropbox.

      • These are just a few examples of things you could cancel and have similar apps built into your Google Workspace interface.

Benefits of Hiring me:

I handle the work of setting up Google Workspace for your organization by:

  • The setup package includes:

    • Setting up your account with Google Workspace.​​

      • If you are a non-profit, I will help you access the Non-profit discount through Google.

      • Setting up the back-end coding to confirm your domain address and make sure your URL works with Google.

      • Creating all the account users you need for your team. 

      • Migrating your old emails and calendars from your previous platform (I can walk you through what media will be able to be migrated as not all can integrate)

    • I provide email templates to help with the rollout for your team.

      • My templates can make the headache of moving your organization over to a new system be much easier than figuring it out on your own​

      • My templates include links and training so your team can access their Google Workspace apps on the devices of their choice.

    • Training with you and your team to make sure everyone has access to the essential functions

      • I will send links to set up your new accounts on different devices for your team members.

      • Advanced training available​

  • Ongoing Support:

    • I offer ongoing support for your account administration which includes:

      • Add and set up new team members with their Google Account on your system.​

      • Delete, remove access, and migrate team members that are no longer with your organization

      • Help troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

      • Handle any ongoing administration for your account with Google and maintaining it with your domain

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 Adam came alongside us as we transitioned the church name and helped us get moved over digitally so that it was seamless. He was patient with us as we tried to figure out what was needed. He took the massive headache and 2-day project for me and swiftly accomplished it. 10/10 will use him again and recommend him to everyone!

-Pastor Zachary Ziffer