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Why spend valuable time and energy worrying about technology solutions for your workplace when you can leave that to me? I can help you streamline your technology to work for you and your organization by simplifying your software through incredible tools like Google Workspace. Specializing in Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite), I support small and medium-sized businesses, churches, and organizations through cloud consulting and cloud-based systems so they can focus their energy on the reason they exist.

What is the cloud? Why should I use it?

  • When we save our data in a server that is not located on our physical property, the cloud is where we keep our data. Whether it's your emails, social media profiles, or shared files, your online presence and data are stored physically somewhere. It is referred to as the cloud when data can be accessed through remote tools. This data is still stored on a physical server, but those physical servers are owned, managed, and maintained by other corporations. Utilizing the cloud makes accessing and sharing data much easier. Still, it has even higher security than a server in your building because professionals maintain it and security systems are regularly updated. You don't have to pay for all the updates as you would have to if it were your server. Using the cloud saves time, energy, and money while improving security and allows your collaboration to become even better. 

Benefits of Cloud-based solutions:

  • Allows collaboration amongst teams utilizing

    • collaborative documents able to be edited in real-time

    • shared files

    • built-in video/phone conferencing software

  • Allows access to files, documents, and emails from any smart device or computer

  • Provides peace of mind knowing your data is protected and stored on the Cloud rather than tied to your physical building, individual computer, or local server

  • Eliminates the expense of costly local server fees, maintenance, and hardware

  • Offers top-of-the-line email security and data protection

  • Saves you money by offering affordable options based on your organization's size and needs


Cloud Solutions

Whether you are virtually based or work together in an office environment, I help your organization be more efficient and collaborative. I do this by setting up and managing your cloud systems and helping to keep your shared data saved, synced, and your team up to speed with the best practices on utilizing services like Google Workspace. I can help you accomplish these things through:

  • Setting up your Google Workspace Accounts

  • Optimizing your account settings and structure

  • Migrating your emails and calendars from your old software to new

  • Training your team on best practices and structures for collaboration while utilizing cloud-based software

  • Helping to make sure the software you are using is setup the best way for you and your organization

Cloud Systems Management

I offer ongoing support* and dedicated assistance to manage your cloud-based systems, maximizing the technology to allow you to stay focused on your mission by:

  • Troubleshooting issues to ensure your cloud systems stay highly functional and operational

  • Training new staff on cloud systems

  • Assisting with account lock-outs

  • Managing user profiles, including adding and deleting accounts as needed

  • Supporting users to ensure access across all devices

  • Structuring shared drives to ensure seamless access to files for all team members

  • Adding and adjusting technology solutions based on organizational needs

*Ongoing support billed as a monthly retainer or as needed hourly rates.

Cloud & Technology Consultation

I offer free consultation on the benefits of Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) and other cloud-based solutions. Schedule a consultation to learn how your organization can best utilize cloud-based software to make your virtual and collaborative work a more seamless and functional process.

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Adam has been a tremendous resource and help during our transition from a small business server to the Google Workspace platform.  Adam was very quick to respond to any questions and timely in his follow-up.  Extra work was required due to the age of our server, and Adam went above and beyond to research the solution and successfully complete the migration.  We have been very pleased with Adam's work and plan to continue working with him as our technology support.

-Melody Espinoza, Northwest Church